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longmeng science and technology

Longmeng online office system is the office automation software products developed according to the official features of enterprises in various sectors and administrative office and realized with standard Internet technology.

It is a typical and very practical paperless office information systems and real-time operating system based on the internal local area net work (Intranet) and external Internet(Internet) technology. Longmeng official software is the intelligent system based on LAN technology of client / server (C/S) and the Internet technology of browser / server (B/S) and can adapt its future development This system has the function of advanced technology and relatively independence ,and it can provide managers immediate, dynamic, and fast office business processing platform with real-time business information management and business data analysis and processing functions. It has the following features:

1. Improve the efficiency of team work There is no need for every customer terminal to install any procedures, software. All the operations only need to install manage and use through the IE browser to ensure to visit the important documents at any time. The team manage files automatically update versions and communicate with members of the team and share contacts and schedules.

2, Powerful management function: in the management of organizations, public resources, , contract , personnel and personal things.

3, Document sharing and confidential data protection. Longmeng office system has a set of improved competence mechanisms to share the unit documents, agencies documents and personal documents, while relative secrecy. Confidential data is focused on the protection and backup. Layers of security control mechanisms ensure that only authorized users can access the system resources. Detailed log of systems safety and procedures records all the users that visit the system. IP address shielding, refuse to be visited on a non-working day, the largest number of download failure and other safety option . Encryption transmission, the number of failures recorded restrictions, set the minimum length password . If users do not make any operation within the scheduled time , users will be cancelled; The system inputs the URL that users have no right to visit and cancelled the users.

4 Colleagues work together. in the information exchange of this system, users may choose different means of communication according to the different exchange, such as a hotline and announcements.

5, Well security measures. Longmeng company maintains the office system for 24 hours to ensure the normal operation of systems; The data is made a copy automatically everyday to prevent accidental loss of data.